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Community Crops Workshops -- 2015

Come learn with us! Classes and workshops are offered throughout the year on gardening and farming topics, cooking, and sustainable living. Do you have an idea for a class you'd like to teach? Call us at 402.474.9802 to discuss!

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View past classes here. Many will be offered again!

Growing Farmers Program

A new series of workshops is now available from Community Crops. The Whole Farm Workshops cover a wide variety of new topics for those with some farming experience.

Gardening Classes

Urban Homesteading Series

Registration details are on the Urban Homesteading Page

Register here. Cost is $15, $12 for Crops gardeners/volunteers/Open Harvest Members, and $5 for kids ages 7-12. Kids under 7 are free. Scholarships are available.

Growing Gardeners

If you are a Community Crops Gardener and looking for information about our new, gardening focused classes, please follow Growing Gardeners for more information.

Past Garden/Farm Classes

Composting with Worms

Have a small space? Want to compost inside over the winter? Let worms do the work for you! Make your own worm composting bin to use all year long in an indoor space to turn your kitchen scraps into natural fertilizer for your plants. Classroom participants had a great time learning about Vermicomposting and creating their own bin to take home. (Will be offered as a 2015 Urban Homesteading Class on May 12, 2015.)

Double Digging Workshop

More information on: Double Digging and Biointensive gardening, (

Drip Irrigation and Other Tools on the Market Farm

A class about how, when and why to use a variety of irrigation methods. We focused on drip irrigation and set up a system together. We also tried out several tools used by market farmers. (Will be offered as a Skill Session on May 11, 2015.)

Small Engine Use, Selection and Maintenance

Basic maintenance and troubleshooting tips for small engines used on market farms were covered. We learned about how small engines work, and serviced a mower as a class.(Will be offered as a Skill Session on July 13, 2015.)

Pruning, Trellising, Pinching and Mounding for Vegetable Crops

Ruth and Evrett of Common Good Farm discussed pros and cons of various plant management techniques, and demonstrated a variety of techniques commonly used on market farms. They also covered planning for succession plantings into the fall. And Ruth served her amazing lemon bars!

Harvest and Post-Harvest Handling

Class participants joined Kevin's crew at ShadowBrook Farm for the day to harvest, wash and pack an order for Whole Foods. This hands-on experience illustrated the importance of sanitation, efficiency and communication with work crews.

Kevin and Charuth have owned and operated ShadowBrook Farm for 15 seasons. ShadowBrook is a certified organic vegetable farm which sells through multiple area farmers' markets, runs a CSA and sells to many grocery stores and restaurants. They always bring high quality produce to market!

Organic Insect Pest Management

In this class we viewed many vegetable pests in action and covered principles of organic insect pest management. The class walked through the fields learning to scout for and identify pests.

Season Extension: High Tunnels, Cold Frames and Row Cover

This class outlined a variety of techniques to extend your growing season without using fossil fuels for heat.

Seed Saving Workshop

Saving seed is an ancient human activity. For thousands of years humans have diversified our diets with vegetable varieties that we have changed to reflect our environments, tastes, and cultures. This one hour seed saving workshop will cover the techniques and technologies of effective seed saving. Additionally, we will cover basic information concerning cross pollination, open pollinated heirloom varieties, genetic engineering, and garden biodiversity.

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